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  • Time and money
    In comparison with paper format, electronic documents signed with the eSignature allow optimisation of costs for stationery and document delivery, as well as ensuring that the time and skills of the responsible officials are used more appropriately.
  • Convenient Storage
    Optimum storage in data form. No need for maintaining extensive archives. The catalogue structure can be changed conveniently and easily if required.
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With the arrival of eParaksts, information exchange with other state institutions and their representatives has become much faster, convenient and cheaper. I would like to see more people and businesses using eParaksts as actively by preferring the electronic services of the Register of Enterprises. This would be made possible by expanding the scope of eParaksts’ availability throughout the country: the larger the number of user-friendly electronic services in the public administration sector, the more motivated people and businesses will be to start using the product.
Guna Paidere
Chief State Notary in Register of Enterprises
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