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I have been using the electronic signature with a smart card on a daily basis for more than two years to sign all documents that are accepted with it. Those are, for example, letters, reports and other documents for submission to the State Revenue Service unless they can be submitted via the electronic declaration system (EDS). I am absolutely sure that the costs of registration for the e-signature and the time stamps have paid off on account of mailing services I do not have to use anymore. Although I am satisfied with the electronic signature I am currently using, I have to say that the new online version of eParaksts, which I had the chance to test, is much easier and friendly to the user. The big plus is the price of the product: for less than seven lats, one can sign an unlimited number of documents in a year’s time, which is important to a businessman like me. From now on, I will apply eParaksts when signing and sending the accounting bills to my clients. I believe that the new version of the electronic signature will essentially improve document exchange among natural persons and businesses alike
Jānis Pikmanis
Head of Euroaudit, accounting services company
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